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Resort Policies


- Dogs must be in sight and under your control at all times. Do not allow your dog to roam.

- Non-aggressive dogs only.

- Dogs should be kenneled when you leave them in your rental unattended. No outside kenneling. Please bring your own kennel.

- Dogs are not to be left outside unattended.

Waste and Recycling

All of our food waste is composted. Compost buckets and instructions are provided in each rental. We do this for two reasons: to reduce the amount of food waste that makes it into landfills, and to prevent wildlife from getting into our garbage receptacles.

- A $5 sorting fee will be assessed per bag of trash that contains food waste and/or recyclables. 

Local Visitors

Our rentals are located in the middle of local wildlife habitat. That wildlife includes mice, and the occasional mouse may make an appearance inside of our rentals. An abundance of mice in the north woods is a common place and is not indicative of unsanitary conditions. In our ecosystem, mice are the primary food source for many of our woodland critters and birds that we enjoy observing in northern Minnesota. We set traps when mice are spotted or reported, and make every attempt to catch them before you arrive. We also utilize sonic repellant systems. Even with these measures in place, we cannot guarantee that you will not see mice or signs of mice during your stay. If you have a strong aversion to mice; this should be discussed prior to your arrival. We do not believe this will have a negative impact on your stay. To help us keep mouse visitors outside, please put food away in closed containers in the cupboards at night and when you leave your rental. Clean food prep and meal areas of any crumbs promptly, including outdoor dining areas.

Beach Area & Sauna

- Our beach is not staffed with a lifeguard. 

- Children should never be left unattended at the beach. 

- The beach, picnic area and sauna are shared spaces, please be mindful of other guests.

- No outside boats are allowed on Jasper Lake.


- Campfire and indoor fireplace firewood is provided. If you need more, additional bundles may be purchased for $7.

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