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outfitting & guide services

Don Beans has over 30 years of guiding experience and will ensure that your trip meets all of your exceptions as you enjoy the beautiful Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, Superior National Forest and Quetico Provincial Park.

When staying at the resort, Don is happy to give advice if you're looking for day trip hike or paddle recommendations.  Email ahead of your stay, or catch him around the property for a free map room consultation.


Outfitting services, guided trips, shore lunches, and towboat services are only available to guests of The Resort on Jasper Lake or other Jasper Company lake cabins during their stay with advance notice for an additional fee. Dates are limited and some weekends fill up quickly. Priority is given to repeat/longtime guests. To inquire about any of these services, click the button below.

Don showing his catch from the Jasper lake. Spend time fishing on your vacations at Jasper Company, the top Minnesota lake resort.
Have a remarkable boating adventure at Jasper Company - Minnesota lake resort. Don will personally guide you to make your vacation fun and memorable.
A relaxing sunset view at the Jasper lake is best experienced at Jasper Company, the leading lake resort in Minnesota.
You can enjoy the breakfast on the best camping of your life in Jasper Company - Minnesota lake resort.
Enjoy your breakfast during your vacations at Jasper Company - Minnesota’s leading lake resort.
Spend your summer adventure at Jasper Company - Minnesota’s best lake resort. You will have the most memorable camping experience ever had.

Northwoods Shore Lunch

As the mid-day sun begins its westward slide towards the jagged spruce lined shores, and our stringers are heavy with gold (walleye gold); we sense our knees and backs deserve a break and a well earned stretch. It is now time for that traditional lake country feast!

The bows of the canoes slip under the shoreline shade and are soon beached under the white birch and evergreen canopy. Nearby the water's edge lies a weathered granite fire ring. A crackling blaze soon flares, started with dry cedar limbs then fed pieces of jackpine and spruce, split by an old  Norlund guide axe. Ancient and well seasoned steel skillets are pulled from the trail worn canvas Duluth pack and placed over the flames. Soon one skillet sputters with thin sliced potatoes and onions; another simmers rich baked beans, and in the last, licked by the fire's flames, a square of lard melts. Once the 'taters' are turned, the other skillet spits and sizzles as the lightly breaded, snow white walleye fillets are dropped one by one into the hot fat. When clipped balsam boughs are draining two skillets worth of the golden brown fillets, a couple of grey jays (known locally as camp robbers) conveniently appear, ringing the dinner bell with their loud, comical squawking. The blackened coffeepot once again is heard perking its two-note melody. The potatoes, now crispy, are piled high on the dented tin plates with the delicate fillets laid along side the thick and spicy beans. Not a word is uttered between the rhythmic lifting of forks and mugs of steaming coffee. Slices of homemade, thick crusted bread nearly clean the plates and always, a crust is left for the still squawking jays. As the fire is doused, the steam and smoke dance upwards twirling through the pine boughs, and fingers of sunlight can be seen piercing the campsite as if reaching for a last tasty morsel.

I recall one day, early in my guiding career; an oldtimer came to me on the dock; a woodsman of yesteryear, and he told me, "Don, keep your clients warm and dry, keep them smiling and full of expectations, but above all else- keep them well fed with good food!" That's been good advice! Even after full days of paddling, portaging, and fishing, don't be surprised if you gain some weight. If you do go to bed hungry, ever, on one of my trips, then you aren't cleaning your plate. I take great pride in my campfire abilities.

- Don Beans

Written 2003

Try the Northwood shore lunch only at Jasper Company - the leading lake resort in Minnesota.
Don will guide you to the Northwood adventure, enjoy a lake  shore lunch, and have a memorable vacation only at Jasper Company - Minnesota’s leading lake resort.
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