Ice Fishing

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The Jasper Company can assist you in planning an ice fishing day trip either at nearby lake or a BWCA/Quetico Lake. Your trip will be designed based on your physical endurance, experience and your personal goals. Trips can be self-guided or Jasper Compamy can arrange for a guide for you day ice fishing excursion. Arrangements for ice house rentals can be made for you by Jasper Company staff. Picnic lunches are also available.

Our lodging facilities, the Jasper Inn and the Jasper Lofts, and our Jasper Lake Guest House,located on Jasper Lake are ideally situated for guests to enjoy some ice fishing. Jasper Lake has an abundance of yellow perch and smaller northern pike. Some big pike do lurk in the weeds and are caught from time to time. You can expect largemouth bass, some sunfish, and an occasional walleye.

Nearby Wood Lake is home to some larger pike, good populations of walleye, decent perch and bass. This lake starts with a 2/3 mile portage then some walking on the ice out to the main lake. This is an all day outing.

Tofte Lake is located just minutes away by vehicle and is a well known for trout fishing through the ice.

Snowbank Lake is a popular lake trout lake and heated ice fishing shacks can be reserved in advance from a local resort on the lake.

There are other nearby lakes and waterways that have quality pike fishing and crappie fishing. Some require up to an hour drive from our Jasper Lake Guest House or a half hour drive from the A Stay Inn Ely or Jasper Lofts located in Ely. Nearby the town of Ely is Shagawa Lake well known for walleyes and pike and Burntside Lake which is extremely popular for winter lake trout.

Jasper Company can assist you in accessing some black crappie lakes as well. Local dog mushers can also assist you reach remote wilderness ice fishing locations. Skilled cross country skiing are able to access ice fishing BWCA waters. Snowshoes can be used on trails that are not kept open, although many popular lakes will have hard packed access trails. Snowmobiles and ATV's are also helpful to access out of the way lakes. Minnesota DNR and US Forest Service have regulations regarding motorized vehicles.

Depth sounders are great aids to the savvy icefisherman. Both jigging rods and tip-ups are popular, along with the use of live bait; including minnows and wax worms. Late winter and early spring is a great time to visit and fish for crappie through the ice. This is usually during March and early April when day time temperatures reach the 40's and even 50's but the ice is still 12-20 inches thick. We've had some great days on the ice then and its a great feeling to feel springtime in the air and catch a basket full of panfish.

Your Retreat into Northern Hospitality

The Jasper Company is operated by the same owners, the Beans family, who will continue to provide the same top quality service now just all under one name.

The Jasper Company will provide you with extraordinary lodging, fun-filled guided or self-guided trips into the BWCA and Quetico Parks, and delicious baked goods and coffee to start each day of your visit to Ely, Minnesota. Your trip can be as short as a day or extend it to a week or even longer. Stay in downtown Ely, enjoy our Guest House or Bay House located on Jasper Lake, or camp on a remote wilderness lake -- your vacation will be personalized to meet your individual preferences. Our 30 years of experience will ensure that you return home with countless memories.

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