Guided Naturalist Trips

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If you have an itch to see some beautiful and wild country, then this is the trip to reserve. Both early and late season offer great sightseeing and potential wildlife viewing. Ideal times to reserve a Guided Naturalist Day Trip are during the spring and again late in the season during autumn, when the forest is a riot of reds, yellows and oranges.

If you are a bird watcher, spring and autumn are both excellent times view migration activity. The Quetico Superior Wilderness is a haven for migrating songbirds. Large game animals, such as deer, bear, and moose are also easily seen due to the lack of thick foliage. Many times on autumn trout trips guests have been entertained by sights of moose making their way along the shorelines and uttering their drawn out mournful grunts searching for a mate.

Rates for Guided Naturalist Day Trips are as follows:

  • $375.00 per day (group of three)
  • $19.99 each for additional person (maximum group of 8)
  • 5% discount on lodging at A Stay Inn Ely and Jasper Lofts
  • 5% discount on tow boat services
  • Optional picnic lunch $7.50 per person
  • Optional cook-out lunch $12.50 per person

Your Retreat into Northern Hospitality

The Jasper Company is operated by the same owners, the Beans family, who will continue to provide the same top quality service now just all under one name.

The Jasper Company will provide you with extraordinary lodging, fun-filled guided or self-guided trips into the BWCA and Quetico Parks, and delicious baked goods and coffee to start each day of your visit to Ely, Minnesota. Your trip can be as short as a day or extend it to a week or even longer. Stay in downtown Ely, enjoy our Guest House or Bay House located on Jasper Lake, or camp on a remote wilderness lake -- your vacation will be personalized to meet your individual preferences. Our 30 years of experience will ensure that you return home with countless memories.

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