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Jasper Company offers an array of high quality fishing and canoe trips partaking in the BWCA wilderness and Quetico Park, including the surrounding Superior National Forest. Our distinctive fishing trips specialize in the superb smallmouth bass angling that is available in the border lake country.The Jasper Company also offer seasonal specie select trips, such as early season lake trout and superb walleye autumn fishing trips.

Depending on the group's itinerary, a circle trip is usually planned which allows you and your party to visit 'new' waters thus exploring seldom visited lakes and portages found here in the vast lake country.

Fishing these remote gems is fantastic since the resident fish in many of these waters have never seen an artificial lure. Lake trout angling is a sure bet during both of these periods. Any moving water or 'currents' encountered along the way are sure to have hungry walleyes and smallmouth bass lurking below, eager to strike and keep your rods dancing.

Each afternoon, a comfortable camp is set-up overlooking a post card perfect scene. There will be plenty of late afternoon 'camp time' to relax, read a good book, go for a swim, or try your hand at bringing some fish to the net, and maybe even the campfire skillet. These trips are completely outfitted with quality equipment and a hearty food pack.

Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth Bass is the premier game fish for Jasper Company guests. Sometimes called a “bronzeback” for its brassy brown hue, the smallmouth is one of the strongest fighting game fish for its weight. Many anglers who hook a 2-pounder will swear it’s twice that big until the fish is in the net. Smallmouth are native to the Mississippi River watershed. They are abundant in northern waters such as Vermilion Lake and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness lakes, where the species was introduced in the late 1800s. Jasper Company guides will arrange an action packed angling experience relentlessly pursue 20 inch or larger smallmouth bass.


The walleye is the most sought-after fish in Minnesota. Its thick, white fillets, handsome shape and coloring, and elusive nature make it the ultimate prize among anglers. The average walleye caught and kept is about 14 inches long and weighs slightly more than 1 pound. The walleye is named for its pearlescent eye, which is caused by a reflective layer of pigment, called the tapetum lucidum, that helps it see and feed at night or in murky water. A fantastic autumn trip is fishing for those golden walleyes while surrounded by the riot of colors found in a northwoods autumn.

Largemouth Bass

This is one of the scrappiest fish that swims. An increasing number of anglers throughout the state are learning that largemouth bass, with their jolting strikes and wild airborne leaps, are an exciting fish to catch. And increasingly, Minnesota is becoming nationally known for its largemouth bass. Largemouth bass look similar to their close cousin, the smallmouth. Often they are found in the same waters. To tell the two apart, look at the closed mouth. If it extends back beyond the back of the eye, the fish is a largemouth. If it goes only to the middle of the eye, it’s a smallmouth.

Northern Pike

This voracious predator is one of the easiest fish to catch because it so willingly bites lures or bait. What's more, northerns produce chunky white fillets that many anglers say taste as good as walleyes. Most northerns caught by fishing run 2 to 3 pounds, though trophies over 20 pounds are caught each year. A close cousin to the muskellunge, the northern pike lives in nearly all of Minnesota's lakes and streams.

Lake Trout

Trout lakes are primarily in northeastern Minnesota in Lake Superior and in many deep, cold, clean northern lakes.These lakes are extremely popular with anglers, who like trout for their beauty, fight, and taste--not to mention the fact that many trout lakes are amidst some of Minnesota's wildest, most scenic settings. The Jasper Company can set you up with an early season (pre-Memorial Day) or a late season (beginning third Saturday in September) lake trout trip.

Pan Fish

Northern Minnesota has abundant populations of Sunfish, Bluegills, and Perch. Panfish are easy to catch, are prolific spawners they repopulate the waters as fast as they are harvested. These fish tend to run in schools and congregate near their food supply. Bluegill can be found in depths of 35 feet or more and all the way up to the surface depending on time of day and weather conditions. Bluegill spends the majority of their active time in 1 to 10 foot depths.The yellow perch is found primarily in lakes and in slow moving streams. They prefer relatively clear water and are often associated with rooted aquatic vegetation. Lake perch are not big. The yellow-gold fish with dark-striped sides grow to be 5 to 12 inches.


Crappies bite readily and produce sweet-tasting fillets. There are actually two types of crappies: the black and the white. They are tough to tell apart. Both travel in schools and feed on small fish and aquatic insects. If you catch a crappie, it's most likely a black crappie, which is the more widely distributed of the two species, occurring in most lakes throughout the state. The black crappie prefers deeper, cooler, clearer water than the white crappie does.


The muskie or the muskellunge is one of the largest and most elusive fish that swims in Minnesota. A muskie will eat fish, sometimes ducklings and even small muskrats. It waits in weed beds and then lunges forward, clamping its large, tooth-lined jaws onto the prey. The muskie then gulps down the stunned or dead victim head first. Muskies are light colored and usually have dark bars running up and down their long bodies. That's the opposite of northern pike, which have light markings on a dark body. Muskies are silver, light green, or light brown.

Guided Overnight Fishing Trips

  • $125.99 per person per day
  • 4 – 6 people in the party 5% discount
  • 7 – 8 people in the party 10% discount
  • 5% discount on lodging at A Stay Inn Ely or Jasper Lofts
  • 10% discount on towboat and vehicle shuttle services
  • $275.00 per day for a Guide for 1 – 4 people in party
  • $300.00 per day for a Guide for 5 – 8 people in party


Your Retreat into Northern Hospitality

The Jasper Company is operated by the same owners, the Beans family, who will continue to provide the same top quality service now just all under one name.

The Jasper Company will provide you with extraordinary lodging, fun-filled guided or self-guided trips into the BWCA and Quetico Parks, and delicious baked goods and coffee to start each day of your visit to Ely, Minnesota. Your trip can be as short as a day or extend it to a week or even longer. Stay in downtown Ely, enjoy our Guest House or Bay House located on Jasper Lake, or camp on a remote wilderness lake -- your vacation will be personalized to meet your individual preferences. Our 30 years of experience will ensure that you return home with countless memories.

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